Intuitive SEO: A Creative's Guide to Growing Search Traffic

There are thousands of people out there searching for what you have to offer: learn how to help them find you.

You have a story to tell.

You have unique, beautiful, and important work to share with the world.

There are thousands of people out there searching for exactly what you have to offer... it’s time to help them find you.

Our websites are our greatest assets online, because they're the one platform we actually own (and can fully control) ourselves. Understanding SEO will help you get your work in front of your ideal audience, empower you to serve them even better, and build a thriving community—in your own time, and on your own terms, with the resources you have at your fingertips right now.

Let's put the joy and ease back into sharing your work online!

Intuitive SEO: A Creative's Guide to Growing Search Traffic is an in-depth online course that will teach you to reconnect with the things that truly matter about how you share your work with the world; it's perfect for heart-centred creatives and small businesses who want to focus on creating high-quality work that has an impact in the world.

"I can't recommend Sophie's SEO course enough... the few simple changes I've made already have made a huge difference to the traffic reaching my blog... Of all the courses I've done online, this is by far the most informative. Sophie has put so much effort into the learning materials. I was amazed to be honest!!"—Jenny, Notes To the Moon

"I wanted to say thanks for creating such an epic course. I joked with a friend that I had got my money's worth by the introduction! I've started to see SEO in a very different light, and know my website will be much the better for it."—Lynne, Three Wild Steps

"I was so impressed with the website design section, it really helped to solidify what my website is about and who it is for... I'm moving towards starting a small business, so this was INCREDIBLY useful! It really opened SEO up to being more than just keywords. I loved the positivity infused through the course... I couldn't wait to jump back in when I could!"—Trona, Aye Lined

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the relentless pace of social media? Do you want the right people to find your website, but don't know where to start? Do you worry that SEO is an incredibly technical skill that you’ll never be able to understand?
  • I’m so glad you’re here, friend, because I designed this course for you; this is the resource I wish I'd had five years ago when I decided it was time to stop waiting, forge my own path, and start to grow.

    Intuitive SEO will empower you to approach marketing from a place of service, joy, ease, and abundance. Because here's the truth: you don't have to do it all, you just have to do it wisely.

A few years ago I was working for an online magazine, feeling frustrated about how fickle social media was as a platform for reaching our audience, and curious whether I could find a steadier way to grow: the answer I was looking for turned out to be SEO.

Once I invested time into learning SEO and implementing an intentional strategy, our search traffic grew almost 5x faster over a 9-month period than it had done before.

I never thought I’d be able to understand SEO, much less get those kind of results. The world of SEO seemed so technical, so inaccessible, and quite frankly so full of… guys. But over the years what I’ve discovered is that when you strip away the jargon, the concepts behind SEO are straightforward, common sense—even intuitive.

Ultimately, SEO is about people, psychology, and empathy—not knowing how to code.

As a self-proclaimed "words person" who hates numbers, I managed to teach myself SEO and completely revolutionise the growth for an online magazine that used to rely heavily on Facebook traffic. Thanks to my SEO strategy, the magazine was able to keep growing steadily despite all the dreaded algorithm changes.

If I can get these results, I know that you can, too.

Over the years, I've talked to entrepreneurs and digital experts from small startups to big companies like Conde Nast about SEO. I’ve trained teams and individuals to help them understand how to optimise their websites so that they reach the right people via search. Most importantly, though, my strategy continues to get solid results in the form of ever-increasing search traffic and web pages ranking on the first page of Google.

Join me inside Intuitive SEO: A Creative’s Guide to Growing Search to de-mystify this powerful tool together, and start connecting with all those people out there who can't wait to discover your work.

What the course includes

  • Prompts to help you figure out who you're trying to reach and why, and guidance that will enable you to serve your ideal audience even better
  • Video tutorials to guide you through the more technical aspects of SEO (including how to set up and use Google Analytics and Search Console)
  • The ingredients every creative needs to make their website a pleasant, helpful, and interesting place to be, drawing visitors back again and again
  • An easy-to-understand guide to finding the right keywords for your website and every piece of online content you create
  • Step-by-step instructions for optimising your website and blog posts for search every time you publish something (and how to make the most of content you've already created)
  • Natural and heart-felt ideas for outreach and collaboration
  • How social media fits into the bigger picture of SEO, why Pinterest is special, and how to start using Pinterest as a natural extension of your SEO strategy
  • The biggest do's and don'ts of the world of SEO
  • A glossary of the jargon to help you talk the talk like a pro
  • Downloadable spreadsheets and workbooks designed to help you implement your very own SEO strategy in a way that works for you
  • Guidance to help you cut through the noise and overwhelm, figure out what's going to have the biggest impact on your work, and put a realistic plan in place to take action on what you've learned
  • A private Facebook group for members of the course to connect and collaborate, as well as ongoing support from me (for members of the live release version of the course, only)

And so much more! Payment plans available.

“Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your course! There is such a wealth of information… It is extremely helpful as I get back to working on my website… you’ve given me tons of information to process as I work to revamp it.”—Bev Walker

"I loved this course! Sophie explains all the aspects of SEO in an accessable easy to implement way. I began implementing some changes to the copy on my website, and a bit of the structure to make it more user friendly, and I've already seen an increase in traffic and searchability to my site. If SEO is overwhelming to you as it was to me, I cannot recommend this course more!"—Rebecca

"I'd definitely recommend this course for anyone who is feeling bogged down by having to be constantly present on social media in order to drive traffic to their site and/or work. This course really showed me that SEO is also for people (and business owners) like me—quieter, creative types who maybe don't feel as enthusiastic about research or strategy—and gave me some really useful steps to begin this SEO journey with."—Ruth

Once you sign up and each module has been released during the first six-week release period, you'll have lifetime access to the course, meaning you'll benefit from all updates and improvements, and can come back to it again and again as many times as you want. This course has been carefully crafted to have a deep and lasting impact on your work for years to come.

  • "Sophie made what could be a very technical process understandable—even for digital-phobic editors. She broke down what matters most for SEO ranking, how to do effective keyword research and implementation, and got our editors out of their writing bubbles to build effective outside links. Search is now the largest traffic source for us, by far!" Kara Eschbach, Co-Founder of Verily magazine

This course is for you if:

  • - You already have a website hosted at your own domain name, you're planning one, or you're helping someone else with theirs
  • - You want to share your work with a wider audience online
  • - You're willing to be patient, do the work, and take a long-term view of success
  • - You wish you had more time to do the work you love
  • - You prefer a slow and steady approach
  • - You believe in the importance of care, quality, and genuine connection
  • - You want your business to grow in a natural way that doesn't compromise your values
  • By the end of this course, you'll have the tools you need to grow by leaning into the areas of your work that light you up, and sharing your work in a way that feels natural and inspiring.

Your ideal audience is out there
—now, let’s help them find you!

Your Instructor

Sophie Caldecott
Sophie Caldecott

About me

I'm a writer and bookworm with a deep love of words and stories. In everything I do, my mission is to encourage others to listen to themselves, and to each other, with deeper empathy. I've been working in online media for the past decade, and discovered the power of SEO while working for an online magazine in 2014. Since then, I've taught SEO to a variety of small teams and individuals in my growth consultancy work, alongside my writing. I love empowering creatives and small businesses to connect with their ideal audiences and build a thriving community online.

—Sophie Caldecott

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this course, and when does the course start and finish?
Intuitive SEO consists of an introduction, four modules, and a conclusion. You'll get access to one module per week over a seven week period (with a rest and implementation week near the end), and have access to a private Facebook community where you can stay accountable, ask questions, and get feedback from me and your fellow course mates and alumni. If you don't like Facebook, I'll be offering the same level of support via email. After the live release period is finished, you'll have full lifetime access to all of the course (and the Facebook group), and can go back and work through any of it whenever you like.
How long do I have access to the course?
Whether you purchase the totally self-paced version of the course or the live release one, you’ll have lifetime access to the lessons and all the materials, as well as any updates and future versions that I release.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I’ve poured years worth of research, knowledge, and experience (along with a whole load of heart and soul) into making this training. It's incredibly important to me that you get value from this course, so if you work through all the materials and don’t feel that it meets your expectations for any reason, I would be happy to offer you a full refund. The conditions for a refund are that you make your request 30 days after purchasing the totally self-paced version, or by midnight GMT on the final Sunday of Week Seven of the live release period (once you have access to all of the course), that you have completed all sections of the course, and that you fill out a feedback questionnaire. PLEASE NOTE: If you received Intuitive SEO as a bonus with your B-School purchase, I cannot offer a refund, as that's handled via Marie Forleo's team, so please make sure you check her terms and conditions before you invest in B-School.
Do I have the right kind of website or business for this course?
If you have a website, hosted at your own domain name (it doesn't matter whether it's built on WordPress, Squarespace or something else entirely), then yes, you do! We'll cover areas of SEO that are specific to product-based businesses, as well as bloggers, service-based businesses, local bricks-and-mortar businesses, online magazines, and pretty much every type of website you can think of. The lessons and general principles I share are relevant whatever kind of work you do, and whatever you have to share with the world.
What's the deal with VAT?
Teachable automatically adds VAT to your purchase if you live in the EU or the UK, because, according to UK and EU law, I have to pay VAT on earnings made from digital services sold to people living in any of those countries. The amount of VAT varies depending on the laws of your own country, which is why I can't include VAT in one fixed price (sorry about that!). If you live outside of the UK or the EU, you don't have to pay VAT.
Why is there a price difference between the self-paced version of the course and the live-release version?
When you take the live-release version of the course, you get my one-on-one support via email and our private Facebook group. After running the course twice in 2019, I realised that to dedicate enough care and attention to all of my students in the live-release course, I'd need to block out a month and a half to be really present as we work through the course materials together. The difference in price enables me to give you the level of support that can make all the difference to your learning experience.
I still have questions—how can I contact you?
Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you need help or have any questions at all.

This course is closed for enrollment.